Video: Startup Scaleup 2017 Speaker & Session Spotlights

Startup Scaleup 2017 Speaker & Session Spotlights

This year, our exciting lineup of featured speakers includes entrepreneurs, investors and executives from the Bay Area, in addition to some of Northeast Ohio’s most influential economic development thought leaders and brightest entrepreneurial minds.

They’re all excited to share the valuable lessons they’ve learned throughout their careers. Check out the speaker/session spotlights below to hear directly from some of our panelists about what they’re most looking forward to at this year’s Startup Scaleup.


Speaker Spotlight: Shibani Faehnle, Bombay Taxi

As an attendee for the past two years, Shibani Faehnle tell us why she’s excited to participate this year as a speaker, sharing all she’s learned about getting a side hustle off the ground.

Learn more about Shibani’s session: “Mastering The Side Hustle


Session Spotlight: Customers > Revenue

JumpStart’s Mike Marchetti shares why you must attend his session with Silicon Valley investor and former Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard if you’re serious about long-term customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Mike and Alex’s session: “Customers > Revenue


Speaker Spotlight: Gordon Daily, BoxCast

BoxCast CEO and Co-Founder Gordon Daily reveals what he’s most looking forward to at Startup Scaleup as a panelist for “The New Benefits Package” discussion.

Learn more about Gordon’s session: “The New Benefits Package


Speaker Spotlight: LaRese Purnell, CLE Consulting Firm

LaRese Purnell of CLE Consulting Firm shares why he’s excited to lead a conversation around the most important tools needed to grow your business.

Learn more about LaRese’s session: “The Growth Factor


Session Spotlight: Taking Your Business 2X

Hear why Adam Kaufman and Aladdin’s Eatery’s Fady Chamoun are excited to join an all-star lineup of speakers that will provide tips for aggressively growing your business.

Learn more about Adam and Fady’s session: “Taking Your Business 2X


Speaker Spotlight: Kate Volzer, Wisr

Wisr Co-Founder and CEO Kate Volzer participated in last year’s Startup Scaleup as an attendee. This year, as a panelist, she’s ready to share all that she’s learned about finding the right investors for her venture.

Learn more about Kate’s session: “Strategic Money: Finding The Right Investors


Speaker Spotlight: Anjua Maximo, GrooveRyde

Anjua Maximo, Co-Founder of GrooveRyde, shares what entrepreneurship means to her and why she is very much looking forward to meeting and networking with entrepreneurs just like you.

Learn more about Anjua’s session: “Finding Money For Your Business


This is just a preview of our all-star lineup of panelists! Click here for the full list of 80+ speakers. Haven’t registered yet? There’s still time! Click here to register for Startup Scaleup 2017.