Featured Speaker – Tonya Kinlow, Founder & CEO, UGottaEat

Tonya Kinlow is the Founder of UGottaEat (UGE), a startup that brings together friends and family to socialize, share food, and improve overall health by giving access to homemade and fresh made foods. Tonya is a Finance Executive with over 26 years of vast Corporate experience. She worked as a CFO Consultant with small companies, and has risen through the ranks of Fortune 500 companies including Chrysler, Yum Brands!/KFC and most recently, the General Electric company.

Tonya excels at collaborating, bringing financial clarity to strategic decision making and authentic leadership. She consistently mentors and coaches to all levels, and has worked on Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives throughout her career.  Tonya is a vocal advocate for the Disabled after her children were in a car accident 7 years ago, leaving her son a quadriplegic.  She was one of the founding members to launch the People with Disabilities Network for the GE corporation and is extremely proud of her son Evan, 22 and daughter Taylor, 24.  She is newly and happily married to Chef Craig Stevens.

Tonya is a food enthusiast and promotes compassion in sharing. She left her corporate career to start UGottaEat.  UGE is an App Platform that gives you unbounded access to Homemade and fresh-made foods that appeal specifically to your eating style…On-Demand!  The Beta App has just recently launched in the Apple Store.

The UGE social mission is dedicated to raising awareness around mindfully feeding our bodies (eating), social engagement in our communities (sharing), and eliminating waste and hunger around the world (loving). 

Tonya Kinlow

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