Featured Speaker – Tiffani Tucker, Founder, Have a Slice

Tiffani Tucker is a local news anchor, mother and wife with a passion for baking. That passion began as a little girl when she got her first Easy Bake Oven. She has continued cooking up sweet treats with some recipes passed down from her aunts in the south, along with creating several of her own. Over the years, she’s shared her cakes with co-workers in the newsroom, and while baking was a hobby on the side, it eventually became a business – Have a Slice LLC.

Tiffani created her business while still working full-time at the news station and caring for her family. She is the single baker of the business, and while it’s not always easy, it has been rewarding and has opened many doors for her. It has also given Tiffani an even closer connection to the community through local events and personally serving patrons. She encourages others to follow their passion. Who knows,  it could one day turn into a side gig for you too!

Tiffani Tucker

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