Featured Speaker – Mike Dougherty, Founder, SmartMulch

Mike Dougherty is the Founder of SmartMulch, a startup that has reimagined mulch as lightweight, compressed tiles that are easy to transport and place in your landscape. Traditional bagged mulch is heavy, awkward, and messy for most DIY homeowners. SmartMulch tiles install in half the time, prevent weeds, are clean & hassle free, and are delivered in zero-waste packaging.

Mike is passionate about innovation, takes a customer centric approach to business, and is focused on connecting purpose with value. A former banker turned strategy and operations consultant, Mike has worked with several early stage companies in industries including technology, engineering, green infrastructure, and entertainment.

Mike is an ambassador of all things Cleveland, balances fitness interests with craft beverage and foodie cravings, and has enjoyed living in Ohio City since 2006.

SmartMulch is currently in the product development phase and our Team would welcome your support and feedback! Join us in “mulching smarter, not harder” and sign up for email updates on the website.

Mike Dougherty

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