Featured Speaker – James Hilton, Co-Founder & Program Mentor, The Bit Factory

James is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded several startups, including Wonderkiln, 3Pivots, Inkhorn Limited, and Extinct Corporation. Along with co-founders Jack Hilton and Austin Kettner, James has a working knowledge of code and intertwines that technical understanding to be able to think in terms of a consumer. James is adept at marketing, brand, and strategy, in addition to many other startup necessities, and uses that knowledge to sell the vision.

James wrote content for Quixby.com and was in charge of customer acquisitions, marketing, and brand. He works to create a positive, involved image. James graduated Magna Cum Laude from Walsh University with a B.S. in Biology. He studied advanced techniques in biological research and aided in the completion of multiple research programs.

As the co-founder of several tech companies, he and his two partners have raised angel funding, grant awards, and are U.S. patent inventors. The patent covers a software method to select multiple components across multiple relationships. James has worked in IT support at Discount Fence Supply and at Hilton Music, Inc. facilitating a multi-state expansion.

James Hilton

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