Featured Speaker – Carey Jaros, Chief Strategy Officer, GOJO

Over the last two decades, Carey has worked with and inside more than 50 businesses on their greatest challenges and opportunities, first as a Management Consultant at Bain & Company, and then as an Executive and Board Member at several privately held companies.  She is currently Chief Strategy Officer at GOJO Industries, where she has responsibility for the GOJO® and PURELL® Brands, Product Management, and Enterprise Strategy.

In the course of this work and work with many non-profits, Carey has facilitated and led dozens of strategy development and strategic planning projects.  A lifelong student of business strategy, she has used many of the off-the-shelf tools and processes, and also developed some of her own.  Carey is also deeply passionate about growth and innovation, and loves working to identify, evaluate, and execute against new opportunities – whether incremental, adjacent, or transformative.  At GOJO, Carey co-leads the innovation and new product development process with the Chief Science Officer, and sponsors a number of whitespace ‘intrapreneurial’ project and program teams.

Carey has an MBA from Harvard Business School and an AB in Public Policy from Brown University.  Outside of her work at GOJO, she is an angel investor, and serves as a Trustee to a large private foundation and to her alma mater, the Laurel School for Girls.  She and her husband, Brett Farmery, live in Shaker Heights, Ohio with their three daughters.  She is an avid yogi and outdoor enthusiast.

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