Featured Speaker – Brian Ellis, Sales Manager, Bezlio

A technology geek through and through, Brian Ellis has spent the last 15 years working with his brother Adam to build a successful technology consulting company that helps small and mid-size manufacturing companies leverage technology to be more competitive in their space.

Like any true entrepreneur, Brian has worn every hat – from the stylish to the nerdy – within their business. He’s also always been on the lookout for new ways to innovate in the constantly changing tech space.  So, he and his brother decided to pivot their consulting business into a software company. After spending a year and a half reinventing the world of cloud computing and business analytics, they launched Bezlio, a SaaS platform that easily and securely integrates local and cloud-based data, giving companies a way to work—and sell—more efficiently and effectively.

While the transition from consulting to SaaS hasn’t been easy, it’s been worth it. The experience has allowed Brian to delve into all sorts of cool, new topics, such as machine learning and predictive analytics and given him the opportunity to fulfill his passion for finding ways to make technology accessible to companies of all sizes, based on his strongly held belief that technology really can change the world.

Brian is a lifelong Ohio native and is married to the exceptionally patient and wonderful Amanda Ellis, who is also a hard-working entrepreneur and wonderful photographer. In his free time (insert generic joke about entrepreneurs having no free time), Brian enjoys video games and fitness activities of all kinds.

Brian Ellis

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