Featured Speaker – Austin Kettner, Co-founder & Program Mentor, The Bit Factory

Austin is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for design and development. Currently, Austin serves as the CTO and Co-Founder of Clusio, Inc., a healthcare software for managing procedure competency.

Austin has co-founded several startups with Jack Hilton and James Hilton, such as Wonderkiln, Glances, Inkhorn and Extinct Corporation. Across all ventures, Austin managed the design and product development.

In addition to having a keen eye for design and product, Austin is also versed in many other essential startup skills and loves exploring new and innovative ideas. Austin demonstrates expertise in websites, web design and modern technology. Austin is a member of Microsoft’s Azure Group, and serves in a variety of business advisory roles for Barran Industrial Group, Szalay’s Farm, Kats Ribbon of Hope (nonprofit for cancer research), Geppetto’s and The Blonde Italian.

He has professional affiliations with Google, Microsoft, Rackspace and Heroku, and has served as a support technician for AT&T.

Austin Kettner

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