Featured Speaker – Alonzo Edmundo, Founder & CEO, GetCR8V

Alonzo Edmundo is a technology geek, innovation specialist, creative designer, diversity and inclusion-driven educational consultant, and founder and CEO of GetCR8V, LLC, an integrated creative learning and design agency. GetCR8V specializes in P-20 educational consulting, STEM/STEAM education, professional development, student engagement, parent involvement, social media strategies and digital citizenship advocacy.

In addition, Mr. Edmundo is the founder of a diversity and inclusion organization called HUE Enterprise. HUE Enterprise’s mission to provide a connection for communities of color to opportunities in technology, innovation, and creativity. Leveraging over 15 years of relationships with a multitude of businesses and corporations, it is not only HUE Enterprise’s mission to increase the number of minority employees in the tech and innovation industry but also in positions of leadership as well.

A proud graduate of Tuskegee University, Mr. Edmundo has over 15 years of experience working with educators, entrepreneurs, corporations and community leaders understanding the impact and influence of 21st century technology.

Alonzo edmundo

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