Featured Speaker – Alan Ware, Director of Resources, The Fresh Impact Network

Avid reader, technology enthusiast, food access advocate, recording artist and songwriter, Alan Ware uses his diverse talents in addressing food insecurity across Central Ohio and the nation. Alan is the lead ELA/Tech Consultant for GetCR8V LLC, an integrated creative learning and design agency and also a licensed teacher with over 20 years experience in education with a Masters Degree in English from Western Michigan University.

In addition, Alan serves as the Director of Resources for the Fresh Impact Network, a company that identifies issues, obstacles, and barriers to accessing fresh food. In his Fresh Impact role, Alan specializes in bridging the gap between businesses and community organizations to help facilitate the connection and distribution of resources connecting the public and private sector. With GetCR8V, Alan uses his immense teaching experience and tech integration knowledge to guide teachers to student understanding and engagement. Growing up in rural Urbana, and teaching in the Detroit Public Schools, Alan has a unique perspective on how a culture can impact a community and its resources. Whether it’s leveraging the use of technology to provide sustainable healthy food choices or identifying funding opportunities or to further develop community relationships, Alan’s vast array of experiences allows him to connect resources and people.

Alan Ware

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