Featured Speaker – Adam Kaufman, Advisor, Executive and Entrepreneur

Adam has been an advisor to JumpStart for three years and is a partner in Palo Alto-based Ovo Fund, a seed-stage venture fund.  Adam also serves as Executive-in-Residence at Washington, D.C.- based PathNorth. Having scaled both a nonprofit and privately-owned business during his career, Adam loves helping leaders grow their companies.  He is a board member of South Dakota-based Biltmore Trust Company and is an advisor/board member to several entrepreneurs and their companies.

Adam is also the founder of Up2 Foundation, a non-profit seeking to bring more humility to the leadership class (thus, making this bio very difficult to submit) . Previously Adam served as president of Healthnetwork Foundation for a decade, providing facilitated access into top hospitals for high net-worth families worldwide, and also led a fast-growth business which reached #10 on Cleveland’s Weatherhead 100 list.

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