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What The Top 1% Of Entrepreneurs Do

Sustained growth companies represent only about 1% of all businesses, however, they generate 80%+ of economic growth. While many think of start-ups or large corporations as being the job generators, companies demonstrating sustained growth truly are the heroes.

During this session, two questions will be answered: (1) What does sustained growth look like? And (2) How can business best practices lay the foundation to allow for this sustained growth?  Dr. Gary Kunkle, founder of Outlier LLC and Research Fellow with the Business Dynamics Research Consortium, will demonstrate through his extensive research that growth is actually a learning curve. No matter the industry, he states, “all companies face the same set of challenges and decisions each time they expand. And the more frequently they grow, the better they get at making these decisions.” Brendan Anderson, co-founder of Evolution Capital Partners, a small business private equity firm specializing in helping entrepreneurially run businesses transform by implementing business best practices, will provide actionable steps owners can take to become a part of this elite 1%.

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Cleveland Public Theatre Workshop
Scaleup, Growth

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Brendan Anderson

Brendan Anderson

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Evolution Capital Partners

Gary Kunkle

Gary Kunkle, PhD

Economist, Data Scientist, Thought Leader on Sustained Growth