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Taking Stock: Why Employees Stick With Startups

Successful founders know how to hire great teams and push them hard—but that’s easier said than done when big companies can afford to pay higher wages for less demanding work. Join former CTO from Hyland Software Miguel Zubizarreta and Explorys co-founder Charlie Lougheed for a session that examines how startups can use stock options, and other tactics to build great culture to inspire, motivate and retain their top talent.

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12:15 – 1:15 pm
Cleveland Public Theatre Workshop
Startups, Talent

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Charlie Lougheed

Charlie Lougheed

Co-Founder, Explorys, an IBM Watson Company

Rem Harris

Senior Partner, Investing, JumpStart

Miguel Zubizarreta

Miguel Zubizarreta

Former EVP & CTO, Hyland Software