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Strategic Money: Finding The Right Investors

The relationship between an investor and an entrepreneur should be about much more than writing a check. In this session, you’ll learn how to do your own due diligence on potential investors while mining them for advice, connections and follow-on funding.

Wisr Co-Founder and CEO Kate Volzer participated in last year’s Startup Scaleup as an attendee. This year, as a panelist, she’s ready to share all that she’s learned about finding the right investors for her venture.

Attendee Info

10:30am – 11:45am
Cleveland Public Theatre
Startup, Funding

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Rem Harris

Senior Partner, Investing, JumpStart

Janet Makepeace

Angel Investor, Pipeline Angels and Founder, JAR Leadership Coaching

Bill Trainor

Co-Founder, Mutual Capital Partners

Kate Volzer

Co-Founder & CEO, Wisr

Scott Shane

Professor, Case Western Reserve University

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