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Silicon Valley Money, Midwest Zip Code

For too long, there’s been a consistent narrative that unless you’re a founder based in Silicon Valley or willing to relocate there, it will be next to impossible to raise financing or grow and scale your startup.

Join John Locke, partner at venture capital firm, Accel with Dan Manges, co-founder & CTO of Columbus-based Root and founding CTO of Braintree, and Andy Nielsen, CEO of Cincinnati-based Everything But the House, for a lively discussion on how entrepreneurs can attract coastal capital without giving up their midwestern address, the opportunities and challenges of scaling a startup outside of the Valley and what top VCs really look for when making their next big bet.

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12:15pm – 1:15pm
Cleveland Public Theatre
Startup, Funding

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John Locke

Partner, Accel Partners

Dan Manges

Dan Manges

CTO, Root

Andy Nielsen

Andy Nielsen

CEO, Everything But The House