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Everything Is A Product

Products have existed since the beginning of mankind. The first time an early human “caveman” traded fur, food, or tools — he was essentially marketing a product. Over time, the term “product” has been used to describe so many different types of things. From a package of gum to marijuana, financial services, informational materials, food, and even software. In modern times, people have been employed to create these products at an industrial scale, with roles ranging from designers to business analysts to marketers to engineers. And even more recently, a role specifically focused on coordinating these functions has arisen: the Product Manager.

But what if, among the chaos of differences between one type of product and the other — things were actually much more similar than we all thought?

What if there are analogs that can be drawn from the creation of disparate products that can help a Product Manager develop their own product, no matter what type it is?

What if we could actually take those analogs, and actually use them to improve the ultimate product; our own lives?

In this two-part session, Product Collective Co-Founder Paul McAvinchey will begin by examining the common ties that bind all product development and what we can learn from those commonalities. Then, you’ll hear from a larger panel of dedicated product people led by Mike Belsito, the other Co-founder of Product Collective.

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Xyla Foxlin

CEO & Founder, Parihug

Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith

Co-founder, NOOMA

Paul McAvinchey

Co-Founder, Product Collective

Mike Belsito

Co-Founder, Product Collective

Shawn Leitner

Shawn Leitner

eCommerce Product Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

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