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The Art Of The Exit: Featuring Former Yelp CFO Rob Krolik

Whether there’s an IPO or an acquisition in your company’s future, this session will give you a Silicon Valley insider’s perspective on getting to the exit.  You’ll hear from Rob Krolik, the former CFO of Yelp who helped take the company public in 2012, and also drove the turnaround that led to exit for  

Rob will talk about how he knew Yelp was ready for IPO, his read on the market for IPO and acquisitions today, and his insights into what startup companies looking to exit can do to get their operations, data, and finances ready to go.

Attendee Info

3:00pm – 4:30pm
Cleveland Public Theatre
Startup, Scaleup, Growth

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Rob Krolik

Rob Krolik

Former CFO, Yelp

Mike Marchetti

Mike Marchetti

Venture Partner, JumpStart