Featured Speaker – Shelley Pippin, Founder, Brewnuts

Brewnuts is the lovechild of two Clevelanders – Shelley & John Pippin – who gave up their jobs working for “The Man” to pursue their three favorite things: donuts, beer and Cleveland. Long story short, one night Shelley bolted up in bed and asked John what he thought about the idea of making craft beer-based donuts. After a long pause, he said, “I like that.” The next day the pair bought a countertop fryer and got busy hatching our plan to make Cleveland’s most unique and delicious donuts.

Prior to conceiving of Brewnuts, Shelley worked in marketing and consulting forging partnerships and developing strategies for brands ranging from the Academy Awards to the NBA to Sherwin-Williams. After traveling extensively and working on other brands’ development, Shelley decided it was time to boomerang back to Cleveland and put down roots in her hometown. Before long, she was inspired by the food renaissance and brewery boom that was happening in The Land and decided to ditch corporate America for entrepreneurship.

Shelley’s a proud Bobcat, earning both her undergrad and graduate degrees at Ohio University and she will argue passionately with anyone who thinks LeBron James isn’t the greatest player of all time.

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Session: Building A Brand That Sells