Featured Speaker – Christie Murdoch, Founder, Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree’s founder, Christie Murdoch, grew up outside of Columbus and spent summers on the island of Put-In-Bay where her mother owned a retail store. Murdoch would spend those warmer months working and helping out her mother’s store, unaware that her adolescent experience in retail would foster a passion for fashion in her career.

With a fine arts degree under her belt, she set out to open a gallery space and ceramic studio. Banyan Tree opened as an art space in the re-emerging Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland in 2001. Gradually, the gallery grew its gift items inventory and began specializing in worldwide artisan wares.

By 2006, the store expanded and started carrying clothing, a now staple of its three stores and online store. As time went on, Christie began co-designing and developing her own clothing line, Figwood, and the lifestyle boutique flourished.

When she’s not designing or managing Banyan Tree, you can find her traveling or back at home in Cleveland on the yoga mat.

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